PSE Research

Education is a crucial part of training for the job you want down the line. This module will equip you with definitions, tools, and options to research the Post-Secondary Education (PSE) Pathway that takes you to the job you want.

Step #1: Define PSE

PSE stands for Post-Secondary Education. It’s the education level that comes after High School or Hi-SET. It’s basically any type of education (not just college!) that qualifies you for a job. The career you're interested is what will determine which option is right for you. 

Step #2: know your options

At MTW, we break down PSE into two categories: Trades and College.

In a trade program, you learn skills that are specific to ONE career or industry.

In a college program, you may do this, but you will also learn things that are applicable to careers and education in general.

Each option within these two categories has different time constraints, payment options, and outcomes attached to it.

Step #3: Consider the factors

After you've identified the PSE Pathway that most interests you, there are some factors to consider, such as the cost of the program, the time it will take, and the potential salary you could get from completing the program.

Return on Investment, or ROI, is a concept that helps us measure these factors. It shows us whether or not we are getting what we pay for. We'll talk more about ROI in YD shift workshops, but take a minute to review the picture below, which demonstrates how to calculate the ROI for one PSE option. 

Step #4: start your research

Now that you have the ground under your feet, it's time to hit the road! Click the "PSE Research Module" button below to get started.