Cover Letter

What is a Cover Letter?

A cover letter is a one-page letter submitted alongside a resume that explains why you would be a good fit for the position. It provides an employer with concrete examples of your skills and gives them a sense of your ability to write a professional letter. 

The Anatomy of a Cover Letter

Paragraph #1

Paragraph #2

Paragraph #3

Cover Letter Templates

Click on one of the templates below and start filling it in. Don't forget to check in with Career Services for any final touches!


Step 1: Click on the icon (square + arrow) at the top right corner of your preferred template

Step 2: Click "File"

Step 3: Click "Make a Copy"

Step 4: Rename your document so that it's short and professional

Step 5: Start adding your information!

MTW Cover Letter Example 1

Cover Letter Template #1

MTW Cover Letter Example 2

Cover Letter Template #2

How to Share your Cover Letter with your CSM and YDM 

Now that you've made your cover letter, it's important to share it with your Career Services Manager and your Youth Development Manager so that they know it's complete and we have a copy in case you need one in the future, like when you graduate from MTW!


Step 1: Open your cover letter in Google Docs

Step 2: Click "File"

Step 3: Click "Share"

Step 4: Click "Share with Others"

Step 5: Type in your CSM's and YDM's email addresses -- double check they're entered correctly!

Step 6: Make sure your CSM and YDM have "editing" access

Step 7: Click "Send"