Prepare for your Ceremony!

Writing your 2 Week Notice

What is a 2 week notice?

A 2 week notice is a formal letter you give to your supervisor prior to leaving. This letter should be professional and clearly state your last planned date of employment. Some employers may talk with you about leaving sooner or staying on longer, so be prepared in case there is additional follow up. It's best practice to include plans moving forward, but you can keep them vague and positive. Additionally, consider adding a section for what you've learned or appreciated from the position you're leaving, as well as a thank you for your supervisor and colleagues, which helps to make the transition a positive one. 

Even if you are leaving for a reason that isn't positive, (maybe you weren't getting enough hours or you and your supervisor didn't get along), you still want to keep this letter professional, because you never know if a future employer will call for a reference.

Use the template below to write your own notice! Please share your notice with your CSM and YDM.

2 Week Notice Template .docx

MTW 2 Week Notice Template

Click on the templates to the left and start filling it in. Don't forget to check in with Career Services for any final touches!


Step 1: Click on the icon (square + arrow) at the top right corner of your preferred template

Step 2: Click "File"

Step 3: Click "Make a Copy"

Step 4: Rename your document so that it's short and professional

Step 5: Start adding your information!

How to Share your Notice with your CSM and YDM

Now that you've written your notice, it's important to share it with your Career Services Manager and your Youth Development Manager so that they know it's complete and we can share it out with staff!


Step 1: Open your notice in Google Docs

Step 2: Click "File"

Step 3: Click "Share"

Step 4: Click "Share with Others"

Step 5: Type in your CSM's and YDM's email addresses -- double check they're entered correctly!

Step 6: Make sure your CSM and YDM have "editing" access

Step 7: Click "Send"