Career Services

The Career Services Team prepares young adults for their graduation from More Than Words and supports them for 2+ years after they graduate.

Click "Pathways" to learn about different career opportunities, including training, salary, and outlook. 

Click "Intro to Interviews" to learn about different types of interviews, and how they can be helpful.

Click "Interviews" to help prepare you for interviews.

Click "Mock Interview Checklist" to help you prepare for a mock interview.


Click "Resume" to learn about resumes and make your own.

Click "Cover Letter" to learn about cover letters and make your own.

Monthly Checklists to Help Prepare you for Graduation:

This is the month that lays the foundation for your transitioning on process. Your Career Services Manager and Youth Development Manager will meet with you at the beginning of the month and outline this process with you. 

Your second month is where you identify potential employers and/or post-secondary education institutions to apply to. More Than Words has a select group of Pathway Partners that offer fantastic opportunities for graduates!

Your last month at More Than Words is where you place the finishing touches on your More Than Words experience and prepare for a transition to life as a graduate.