professional communication

Being able to communicate within a given work context can be key to moving up the ladder and being seen as dependable by your coworkers. We will walk you through some best practices and get you set up to use avenues of communication that work for you.

STEP #1: know why it matters

There are several ways communication pays off:

  1. To avoid confusion.

When we go about our work, we need to talk to each other to make sure we understand concepts, are in the know about updates, and are following the same policies as everyone else.

  1. To create shared goals.

Being in the weeds on the work helps when you have a clear vantage point of what you're working towards. You can use communication to make sure you're on the same page as your coworkers on why something matters.

  1. To hold people accountable.

We're often each other's safety net at work. People may not know if they're doing a great job, or if they're not holding up their end of things. Communication keeps them in the loop. If you didn't feel supported by a team member, it's best to find a respectful way to name that to them, rather than letting your resentment grow.

  1. To build relationships.

Showing someone you care and that you see them is key to building work environment where everyone can show up as themselves. Active communication that shows you want to get to know your coworkers can help you do this.

STEP #2: learn your options

At MTW, you have a few different options for communication: In-Person, Phone, Email, and Deputy + Text. For better or for worse, each way of communicating comes with its own best practices.

We want to make the best practices clear to you so that you can remain authentic to yourself while you put your best foot forward.

Great for casual or long, difficult conversations

Great for last-minute updates, quick chats, things you can't put in writing

Great for non-urgent, formal, and/or things that need visuals

Great for short updates you feel comfortable sharing with everyone

STEP #3: Get set up with the right tools

To communicate professionally at MTW, you'll need:

  • Working Phone Number

  • Voicemail + Professional Greeting

  • Email with Full Name

  • Professional Email Address

  • Deputy Account with Full Name

The Professional Communication Module will help you set some of these up and try your hand at communicating professional through each pathway.